Panui Fishers & Divers Hui

Notice of hui for NMOW fishers and divers with NMOW Asset Holding Company Directors.

This panui is to advise of a hui for NMOW fishers/divers with members of the NMOW Asset Holding Company (NMOWAHC) Board. Details as follows:

Where: Norman Kirk community hall (upstairs)

When: Friday, 29th September 2017

Time: 7.00pm

Joseph Thomas, Tom McClurg and Nick Cameron will be present from the NMOWAHC Board.

The hui is an opportunity for Board members and fishers/divers to discuss the company’s strategy, ACE allocation policy, health of the fisheries and key challenges the Wharekauri fishing sector is currently facing and/or will face in the future. We’d like this to be an open and interactive hui and encourage as many fishers/divers to attend as possible.

Attached to this panui is a copy of the NMOW Iwi Trust ACE Allocation Policy which sets out the criteria and basis upon which ACE allocations are made. You are encouraged to read this policy and become familiar with its content ahead of the hui.

The NMOWAHC Board looks forward to catching up with you this Friday.

Please download the official notice here:

Panui Fishers & Divers Hui Panui Fishers & Divers Hui (246 KB)


Please download the official notice here:

NMOWIT ACE Allocation Policy NMOWIT ACE Allocation Policy (322 KB)